Éclats de Glace by I.D.O.

Real coloured ice cubes to make any occasion sparkle

The Éclats de Glace® concept by I.D.O. combines its coloured Original Concentrates with the N’Ice Box® unit—specially designed to universally connect to professional ice cube/flaked ice makers without the need to change existing equipment—to produce uniformly-coloured ice cubes meeting food safety standards. Anti-condensation ice buckets and bowls made from transparent plexiglas have also been developed to visually enhance the coloured ice cubes or flakes in use

Totally flavourless, the Éclats de Glace® Original Concentrates are alcohol-free and suitable for halal, kosher, vegetarian and sugar-free diets.

Ergonomic and space-saving, the N’Ice Box® system is available in two versions: the “Édition G” for making coloured ice cubes or the “Édition P” to create coloured flaked ice.

In addition to their transparency and attractive design, the Éclats de Glace® ice buckets and bowls conserve ice more efficiently, are easier to refill, and totally eliminate condensation (and thus water marks on tables).

Whatever the venue, occasion or event, you will find the perfect colour to complement your special functions, private receptions, weddings, birthdays or other celebrations. And more! Day or night, choose from soft and stylish shades or fun and vibrant tones to match the theme, mood or atmosphere that you wish to create for your patrons or guests.

Events and entertainment professionals, caterers, bartenders and other hospitality specialists will love letting their imaginations run wild to creatively embellish buffets and cocktails and brighten up any occasion. Make your guests melt with pleasure!

An infinite rainbow of hues & uses

• Enhance the drinking experience
• Add splashes of color to cocktails
• Bejewel your ice bowls and buckets

N'ice and easy!

• Connect the N'Ice Box® between your current ice cube/flaked ice maker and the water supply outlet
• Choose from our standard range of 6 Pastel or Intense shades
• Insert the Éclats de Glace® Original Concentrate bottle into the N'Ice Box® and you're ready to go!

With Éclats de Glace®, transform your ice cubes from classic to magic!

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